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Route Soltsy - Smolensk on a road map. The distance from Soltsy to Smolensk by car

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The length of the path: 356.09
Travel time: 7 h. 49 min.
Fuel costs:
at a flow rate L/100miles
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    Route Soltsy - Smolensk.
    On the road map is shown as drive from Soltsy to Smolensk. The route along the roads schematically illustrates the line, which can be arbitrarily move to change the route. Distance from Soltsy Smolensk on the cards roads is about 356.09 miles (573.07 kilometres). Estimated time path 7 h. 49 min.

    Flight Soltsy - Smolensk on the airplane

    From Soltsy reach the airport "Novgorod Airport" (about 42.9 miles in a straight line). By plane to airport "Smolensk". Then get to the Smolensk (approximately 3.1 miles. straight)

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    g. Soltsy, Novgorodskaja oblast, Russia
    0 miles city Solcy
    1.1 miles village Dubec
    6.3 miles village Skirino
    7.4 miles village Velebicy
    34.2 miles village Solobsko
    35.5 miles village Ivancevo
    40.6 miles village Ljadinki
    41.5 miles village Rashucha
    45.9 miles Police post
    Speed: 37 miles/h
    46.6 miles city Staraja Russa
    52.6 miles village Chirikovo
    54.5 miles village Arinino
    55 miles village Marfino
    55.2 miles village Nagatkino
    55.3 miles village Penno
    58.5 miles village Podcepoche
    65.2 miles village Sanakovschina
    65.9 miles village Gorbovastica
    68.4 miles village Sevrikovo
    68.7 miles village Medvedovo
    75.4 miles village Vekshino
    79.7 miles village Grinevo
    84.4 miles village Mincevo
    87.5 miles village Poddore
    88 miles village Usadba
    88.8 miles village Sokole
    92 miles village Tugino
    94.8 miles village Zhemchugovo
    104.4 miles village Novichki
    120.8 miles village Batutino
    123.7 miles village Shvaino
    125.5 miles village Nechaevo
    168.5 miles village Dashkovo
    168.9 miles village Podgorodnee
    170 miles city Toropec
    226.5 miles city Nelidovo
    231 miles Police post
    Speed: 25 miles/h
    257.7 miles city Belyj
    262.1 miles village Budino
    353.1 miles Police post
    Speed: 37 miles/h
    354.9 miles Speed camera
    Speed: 37 miles/h
    g. Smolensk, Smolenskaja oblast, Russia

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