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Route Saint Petersburg - Murmansk on a road map. The distance from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk by car

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The length of the path: 826.93
Travel time: 14 h. 46 min.
Fuel costs:
at a flow rate L/100miles
and the cost of $/Litres
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  • Sanatorium in Murmansk (3)
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    Route Saint Petersburg - Murmansk.
    On the road map is shown as drive from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk. The route along the roads schematically illustrates the line, which can be arbitrarily move to change the route. Distance from Saint Petersburg Murmansk on the cards roads is about 826.93 miles (1330.82 kilometres). Estimated time path 14 h. 46 min.

    Flight Saint Petersburg - Murmansk on the airplane

    From Saint Petersburg reach the airport "Rzhevka" (about 8.1 miles in a straight line). By plane to airport "Murmansk Airport Murmashi". Then get to the Murmansk (approximately 15.5 miles. straight)

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    g. Saint Petersburg, Russia
    3.6 miles Possible ambush police
    Speed: 37 miles/h
    22.3 miles Sinjavino
    0 miles
    82 miles city Sjasstroj
    407.3 miles Police post
    Speed: 31 miles/h
    454.1 miles Police post
    Speed: 37 miles/h
    678.7 miles city Kandalaksha
    678.7 miles Police post
    Speed: 56 miles/h
    745.2 miles city Monchegorsk
    746.2 miles Police post
    Speed: 56 miles/h
    819.9 miles city Kola
    820.7 miles city Murmansk
    g. Murmansk, Murmanskaja oblast, Russia

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