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Route Kursk - Khorol (Ukraine) on a road map. The distance from Kursk to Khorol by car
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Route Kursk - Khorol (Ukraine) on a road map. The distance from Kursk to Khorol by car

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The length of the path: 228.16
Travel time: 5 h. 18 min.
Fuel costs:
at a flow rate L/100miles
and the cost of $/Litres
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    Route Kursk - Khorol (Ukraine).
    On the road map is shown as drive from Kursk to Khorol. The route along the roads schematically illustrates the line, which can be arbitrarily move to change the route. Distance from Kursk Khorol on the cards roads is about 228.16 miles (367.19 kilometres). Estimated time path 5 h. 18 min.

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    g. Kursk, Kurskaja oblast, Russia
    61.5 miles city Sudzha
    63.5 miles village Zaoleshenka
    65.1 miles village Gogolevka
    94.9 miles city Sumy
    128.1 miles city Lebedin
    201.1 miles city Mirgorod
    g. Khorol, Poltavskaja oblast, Ukraine

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